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Weber Comechanics was established in 2000 as a research and design entity undertaking development of analytical instruments – pyrometric control devices for resistance welders – which attracted significant interest of engineering experts in the industry. Soon afterwards it was decided to expand the company’s field of activities and start supplying welding machinery.

At close cooperation with production plants, it became obvious that many processing areas lack necessary equipment or tooling. In order to increase production efficiency, a unified engineering approach had to be applied to all stages of processing. With this in mind, the company’s founders went ahead with selecting a number of reliable supplier partners manufacturing wide variety of top-quality high-performance metal processing equipment in order to supply their machinery to the Russian market. Eventually, the company has entered into over 20 exclusive representative agreements with internationally acclaimed equipment manufacturers from Europe, South-East Asia and the USA.

With over 18 years of existence, today Weber Comechanics is a group of companies with total of 210 employees. Our company has put together a strong team of expert sales engineers able to find a solution for any task related to machine building and metal processing needs. Company’s work based on systematic approach to fulfilling customers’ tasks, involving three major stages: CONSULTING – INTEGRATION – SUPPORT. As a result, by now our company has successfully carried out over 4,500 projects of integration of high-tech CNC equipment, and the customers include largest industrial enterprises and leading manufacturers in Russia and CIS. Among these projects, there are about 60 implementations of industrial robots. Weber Comechanics takes its pride in the service department consisting of 45 highly skilled certified technicians able to promptly troubleshoot and thoroughly service the complete range of equipment we supply.

Recently, the company has been focusing on development of its own manufacturing facility. Initially the production site was a side activity helping in prompt problem solving, technology elaboration and test samples production. Then, the demand appeared for machine retrofitting and repair, tooling manufacturing, etc. At the moment, production facility has become a part of the company’s integrated strategy based upon the understanding that a modern engineering enterprise simply cannot efficiently operate without manufacturing grounds of its own.

Audit and engineering
Equipment integration
Personnel training
Warranty and after-warranty service

Supplied equipment:

  • CNC metal cutting machines
  • Sheet and coil processing equipment
  • Heat-cutting machines
  • Pipe, profile and wire-processing machines
  • Band saw machines
  • Plasma, arc and resistance welding machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Special application equipment


  • Turning and milling
  • Plasma cutting of sheet metal
  • Heat treatment and deburring of sheet metal
  • Mechanical works and welding


• Automotive industry
• Shipbuilding
• Heavy engineering industry
• Agricultural equipment
• Steel structures fabrication
• Electronic equipment
• Electrical and electronic equipment
• Furniture production
• Steel service centers


Weber Comechanics’ headquarters, showroom, and spare parts and consumables storage are located in Moscow. In 2000 square meters of showroom, a few dozen types of metal processing equipment are presented. All machines are connected to the mains and operable.
The showroom hosts regular research and practice seminars dedicated to innovative technologies in machine building and showcase events involving installed machinery. Also, services of operators and maintenance personnel training are provided, with hands-on approach thanks to the variety of machines available.
Presently, the following equipment is displayed in Weber Comechanics showroom:

  • Turning and milling machines
  • Laser cutting and bending machines for sheet metal
  • Wire and pipe bending machines
  • Welding equipment
  • Industrial robots and automation systems

Branch offices of Weber Comechanics are located in St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.


Starting in 2009, Weber Comechanics has been rapidly developing its processing business segment. Vast experience gathered during implementation of numerous diversified projects, and positive customers’ feedback has formed a solid foundation for establishing two job shops located in Moscow and Samara.

These job shops have been furnished with a variety of universal turning and milling machines, CNC machining centers, plasma cutter, induction heating device, press equipment, drilling and band saw machines, as well as an assembly shop with welding stations.

The main goal of Weber Comechanics’ job shops is to fulfill both single and long-term orders using existing equipment. Taking into consideration customers’ requests and level of competitors’ availability, company’s management has decided to develop two prospective processing methods – flow forming for producing hydraulic cylinder barrels out of pipe billet, and high-precision laser cutting of electrical steel for producing parts of stator, rotor and magnet.